About us

Bultruffe is a family company in the world of truffles. We are located on the east coast of the Black sea. The nature around this region is mesmerizing and so are the truffles. You can find here Black summer truffles (Tuber Aestivum), Black Burgundy truffles (Tuber Uncinatum), White winter truffles (Tuber Magnatum pico), Black winter truffles (Tuber Brumale), White spring truffles (Tuber Borchii), Bagnoli truffle (Tuber Mesentericum) and so many others.

Since 2014 we are dealing with these treasures and we are aspiring every day to select the best truffles for you, your family and friends. We are specialised in fresh truffles, frozen truffles and truffle products like truffle carpaccio and salsa tartufata. This gives our clients the benefit of using truffles in their dishes all year long! Using special machines, we are able to provide good quality products.

Our team is working hard everyday to make each customer happy receiving a package from us!

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