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      Burgundy truffle - Burgundy Truffle B-Class
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      • Burgundy Truffle B-Class

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      Burgundy truffle - Burgundy truffle A-class
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      • Burgundy truffle A-class

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Burgundy truffle (tuber uncinatum vitt) is the autumn variation of the Black summer truffle. The size of the autumn truffle is usually smaller than the Tuber Aestivum Vitt (summer truffle) but has a more expressive taste and stronger aroma. While the interior of the Aestivum is brownish during its peak of ripeness, the Uncinatum has a dark brown color and richer taste. The difference is also in the quantity that is harvested. The Burgundy is less spread, and the amount is minimal each year. That is why there is such a difference in the prices between these two species.

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The harvest period is from September to December. The peak of ripeness is in October-November. The average size is between 10-50gr (0.35oz – 1.76oz), usually with a perfect round shape.

Tuber uncinatum grows always in shade places, and it is typically found growing under oak, beech, and hazelnut trees in the forests of Central and Eastern Europe. It grows in calcareous soils, usually at elevations between 200 and 800 meters (650ft and 2600ft), and prefers warm and humid climates with moderate rainfall. It is harvested in the wild, making it a rare and expensive delicacy. It is usually picked using specially trained dogs or pigs that can detect the unique aroma and locate it in the soil. Harvesting these goods is a delicate process, and avoiding damage while removing them from the ground is important.

The scientific name Uncinatum derives from the Latin term uncinatus [hooked] due to the particular shape of its spores and characterized by membranes that, when observed under the microscope, reveal small hook-like filaments. It has a rough and warty texture. Its exterior is black or dark brown, and the interior is brown with thin white veins.

burgundy truffle priceThis truffle is known for its earthy and nutty aroma with a hint of musk and a unique flavor that makes it a popular ingredient in many dishes, such as eggs, pasta, risotto, and meat. Also, it’s suitable with sauces and perfect for appetizers.
During the autumn truffle season, we at Bultruffe can always offer fresh Uncinatum with amazing quality because of the harvesting region. They are in perfect shape and have a very strong nutty flavor. It’s one of the world’s most precious and highly valued truffles.