The truffle is an underground mushroom, called tuber, that grows in symbiosis with the roots of certain trees. Truffles are a world delicacy that is highly valued by chefs and food bloggers for their qualities. The Most important thing for a good truffle is its intense truffle aroma.

Mushrooms grow above the ground and they are called fungi. Both, truffles and mushrooms, have certain season for harvesting and certain region to find them. But the truffles can be found only with the help of dogs or pigs because of their specific aroma, while the mushrooms can be detected easily by a person.

It’s very controversial what is the taste of a truffle. Some define it as corn, others like caramel. But the main definition of the truffle aroma is nutty, garlicky, cheese, or earthy. These flavors participate in each truffle. It depends on your sense and your preferences.

Truffle oil can be with black truffles or white truffles. Usually, it is made with extra virgin olive oil, aromas, and some slices of dried truffle. This truffle product is maybe the most widely used in the truffle culinary.

Truffles actually can be farmed (only some types of truffles). There are already truffle farms around the world. It just needs a lot of work and time to grow your own truffles.

Truffles grow in symbiosis with certain trees and on certain terrains. They need rain and sun and if you have these conditions you can harvest truffles.

Truffles are mostly harvested in Central and Eastern Europe. They can be found around trees such as oaks, hazelnuts, and poplars. They need certain soil like alkaline soil to grow big with good aroma.

Truffles can be farmed. When you find the perfect terrain you can plant your trees and take care of them while waiting for them to grow truffles. There are now a lot of farms that grow truffles mainly in France.

The most expensive truffle in the world is the Tuber Magnatum Pico. It is also called the king of truffles. It is very rare and hard to find, with incredible truffle aroma. The most expensive one has been sold for 118,000 USD with a weight of 900gr/2lb at auction.

There are truffle hunters who harvest truffles with the help of dogs or pigs which sniff the truffle aroma and locate them. They work really hard to find the best region with good quality truffles so we can select and package them to arrive at your doorstep in their best condition.