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Tuber Borchii Truffle, also known as whitish, white spring truffle, or Bianchetto truffle, is a spring underground mushroom with a firm texture and a strong aroma. This species is usually found in the Mediterranean region of Europe.

Some people recognize the aroma as garlicky and earthy or even cheesy. The exterior is slightly velvety and white at first, and when mature, it has a smooth, reddish-ochre surface with brown markings. White, twisted, and branched veins run through the interior.

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It is commonly used as a finishing touch for many dishes, including pasta, risotto, eggs, and meat. Also, flavor oils, butter, and other sauces add a rich and aromatic scent to almost any dish.

In terms of storage and preparation, it should be consumed as soon as you get it, as it has a short shelf life. For optimal storage, we recommend putting it in the refrigerator in a paper towel for a few days to maintain its freshness and aroma.

It is a less-known truffle often overshadowed by the more famous Tuber Magnatum or the white alba truffle. Still, it has a distinct flavor and aroma that differs from other varieties.

Because of the small quantity of the Tuber Magnatum Pico, the Tuber Borchii Truffle is also very valued but has a lower price.

The fresh bianchetto can be harvested from January until April, also in Central and Eastern Europe. These tubers grow in oak groves and less frequently under conifers. The average size of the whitish truffle is 5-10gr. ( 0,17oz – 0,35oz ). It is typically found at depths 5-15 cm below the soil surface. Rather deeper than the more commonly found Aestivum, which is sometimes very close to the surface.

tuber borchii truffle priceThe Bianchetto truffle is a valuable and sought-after ingredient in the culinary world, but it is also under threat due to habitat destruction and mostly the climate changes that we have all observed in the last few years. As a result, a growing interest is in cultivating this tuber in controlled environments to meet the increasing demand for this delicacy while protecting wild populations.