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    • Black summer truffle Extra-class
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      • Fresh Black Summer Truffles Extra-class

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      • Fresh Black Summer Truffles A-class

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There is a reason for the high price of the truffles.  Hunting is an old profession spread around the generations, and each year, each hunter struggles to get the best harvest with the best truffles. We work daily to find these underground mushrooms so you can enjoy and share them with your family.

Traditionally, it’s been female pigs whose snouts hunt out the mature fresh truffle by its smell, although these days, trained dogs are used by the hunters more often.

Every type of these underground mushrooms has its shape, aroma, region, and growing season. It has to be near the living tree roots such as the chestnut, oak, hazel, beech, red alder, pine, lime, hazelnut, pecan, and cottonwood, depending on which kind of truffle it is.

Usually, each good truffle weighs around 20-50 grams. (0,7 – 1,76 oz)

‘Truffles, of course, are not a vegetable… they are a miracle!’                                                                  -Andre Simon

Exploring the World of Truffles

The underground mushrooms are among the most sought-after delicacies in the culinary world, adding an exquisite and earthy flavour to a wide range of dishes. There are two main types of them: summer and winter truffles. Each type has its unique characteristics and flavour profiles.

Summer underground mushrooms, or Tuber Aestivum, are typically harvested from May to August. They are often more affordable than their winter counterparts and have a milder, less intense flavour. We often use them to enhance the taste of various dishes, including pasta, risotto, and salads. Their light brown to beige exterior and marbled interior make them a visually appealing addition to any gourmet meal.

summer truffles

Winter truffles are considered the absolute best among all types. They are harvested from November to March, the most famous being the Tuber Magnatum. They are renowned for their powerful aroma and distinct flavour, often described as garlicky or musky. They are predominantly found in regions of Italy and are highly coveted by chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide. We can best enjoy shaved-over dishes like creamy pasta, scrambled eggs, or even a simple plate of buttered pasta.

Black truffles, such as the Tuber Melanosporum, are another winter variety. They have a dark, knobby exterior and deep, complex flavour often likened to chocolate or spices. They are frequently used to elevate the taste of soups, sauces, and meat dishes. They are known for their versatility and the ability to complement a wide range of culinary creations.

Whether the more delicate summer or the robust winter truffles, their distinct characteristics and rich flavours add an element of luxury and sophistication to any meal, making them a treasured ingredient in the world of gourmet cuisine.

World's Best Truffles

According to our specialists

There are more than 100 varieties around the world. We will guide you through the list of the most precious ones.

Only a few types are used to prepare luxurious meals, so the prices are quite high for these types. We have made our measuring scale of how we see the best in the world, and of course, we will have in mind the obvious reasons.

They are underground mushrooms that grow underneath the earth’s surface, and for them to be good, they need a few things to be a part of someone’s luxurious dinner.

1. Aroma (★ would be the weakest aroma / ★★★★★ would be the strongest)

The aroma is the most important thing with these treasures. Every person is different, but the more intense and subtle aroma there is, the more we like them.

2. Taste (★ would be the weakest taste / ★★★★★ would be the strongest)

The taste is often recognized as “earthy” and “nutty,” but there are also a few exceptions. For example, the tuber Mesentericum is intense but isn’t so earthy as a gas smell, which is challenging. It is quite the experience to try them out. Also, the tuber Magnatum pico is very gentle and strong but in a way more subtle way than the Mesentericum. That is why it is the world’s highest-valued truffle and the most expensive one.

3. Price (★ would be the cheapest / ★★★★★ would be the most expensive)

The price can vary a lot, and its quality and rareness mostly determine it. You can quickly check the prices by simply clicking on our shop.
The most expensive is the tuber Magnatum pico! It’s called the king of truffles and for a good reason. Who hasn’t heard of the precious white truffle?

tuber aestivumburgundy truffletuber brumaletuber mesentericumtuber borchiituber magnatum pico
Bianchetto truffle

How we select?

We at Bultruffe are dealing with almost all the high valued truffles in the world. Our products are selected with great care and attention to detail. 

Tuber brumale

How we package?

Our specialists make the perfect box for each order with ice packages which maintain the needed temperature for the fresh truffles. So you will receive them as they are digged out of the ground minutes ago.

tuber aestivum

How we ship?

Our company is using the services of DHL Express. You will receive your order in 24h-72h depending on your country, right in front of your door.