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Tuber mesentericum vitt, called Bagnoli Truffle, is a black winter truffle. It is a subterranean fungus that grows in association with the roots of certain trees, such as oaks, hazelnuts, and poplars, in calcareous soils.

The period for harvesting of tuber mesentericum vitt is from September to December in Central and Eastern Europe. The average size of the Bagnoli is 3-20gr (0.10oz – 0.70oz). Overall, we can say that it is very small in size compared to others. The average size in centimeters is 1-4cm (0.4 inch – 1.57 inch) in diameter.

It has smooth black skin and a very intense aroma. It is often described as phenol. But once you grate a dish with these truffle flakes, the aroma is sweet and delicious.

Learn more about the Bagnoli Truffle

The Bagnoli inside is very dark with some purple tones, tiny white veins, and a very tender structure. It is similar to the black summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum) and the autumn truffle (tuber uncinatum) on the outside but completely different inside. Furthermore, the aroma is quite different as well. Also, it is similar to the black winter truffle Brumale. Both have a small hole on the outside, which is particular for these types. The aroma is one of the strongest and most specific of them all.

Mesentericum is widely spread in the culinary industry. It’s very appreciated for its quality. The aroma is intense – you can add it to dishes without cooking. It spreads its aroma, and the plate gets magical. It suits cheese, pasta, risotto, salads, or appetizers. It’s used for sauces, too.

tuber mesentericum vitt

In the winter, there are most kinds of truffles offered fresh. There is tuber melanosporum, tuber brumale, tuber mesentericum, tuber macrosporum and of course tuber magnatum. All of them have different aromas and tastes and are highly appreciated. But the Bagnoli truffles stand out with its bizarre and fascinating aroma. Of course, the price is very different from those mentioned above.

We at Bultruffe are one of the few companies offering bagnoli truffles. It’s worth trying this unique tuber. You will be charmed.