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In our collection of black truffles, we have the following truffles: Burgundy Truffle, Tuber Aestivum, Tuber Brumale, and Tuber Mesentericum. At Bultruffe, we have the best truffle mushrooms with a delicious and unique truffle taste that we are proud of.

Burgundy Truffle:

  • What it is: The Burgundy truffle is a type of truffle that comes in the Autumn.
  • How it looks and tastes: It has a dark exterior and a dark brown interior. It has a strong smell and a pleasant, earthy taste when you eat it.
  • Where it’s found: It can be found in places with certain kinds of trees, like oaks.


Tuber Aestivum:

  • What it is: Tuber Aestivum is a type of truffle that comes in the summer.
  • How it looks and tastes: It looks bumpy and has various colours. It has a mild taste, not too strong when you eat it.
  • Where it’s found: Tuber Aestivum can be found in different parts of Europe.


Tuber Brumale:

  • What it is: Tuber Brumale is a type of truffle that grows in the winter.
  • How it looks and tastes: It’s dark and wrinkly on the outside. When you eat it, it has a taste that’s a bit earthy and nutty.
  • Where it’s found: Tuber Brumale in some European countries.


Tuber Mesentericum:

  • What it is: Tuber Mesentericum is a truffle that grows in the winter along with the Burgundy truffle.
  • How it looks and tastes: It’s small and round, with a rough surface. The taste is often described as phenol, with some sweet notes.
  • Where it’s found: Tuber Mesentericum is found in parts of Europe, especially Italy.


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