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      • Taste the incredible flavor of this black winter truffle.
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Tuber Brumale Vitt.  or Muscato Truffle, is a black winter truffle. It is sometimes called the ‘false black truffle’ because it resembles the more expensive and highly prized black truffle, Tuber melanosporum (Perigord truffle), also found in Europe. They have a big difference in the size. The Perigord is much bigger than the Brumale.

This truffle has more blue/purple tones on the inside, and the exterior is black with small and not very prominent warts. The gleba is brownish-gray with large and less frequent veins. It has a strong, musky smell, sometimes described as a mix of chocolate, hazelnuts, and wet earth.

Learn More About This Black Winter Truffle

The harvest period of this black winter truffle is from November to mid-March in Central and Eastern Europe. Their peak of ripeness is in December. It is also gathered with the help of dogs and pigs. You must be careful not to damage the pieces because of their tenderness.

The size of this truffle is very small compared to other species. The average size is between 5-15gr (0.17oz – 0.52oz) with a round shape and always has one small hole, which you can see clearly on the exterior. This hole can also be seen in Tuber Mesentericum. Their look is very similar, but the scent and aroma differ.

It forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of certain trees, such as oaks, hazelnuts, and poplars, which provide the underground fungi with nutrients and, in return, receive benefits such as increased water and nutrient uptake.

These little treasures are so easy to use, and they are very well accompanied by eggs and grated on top of cheese. Also, you can add it to pasta, meat, or risotto. You can use it in sauces and oils, too. The aroma is powerful indeed and very addictive. It’s usually grated or shaved over the dish just before serving to enhance its flavor. Its rarity and high cost make it a luxury ingredient that food lovers and gourmet chefs worldwide appreciate.

tuber brumale price

It’s also used in the perfume industry as a fragrance ingredient. It has a rich, earthy aroma that adds depth and complexity to perfumes and other fragrances. Imagine wearing that aroma during the whole day. You will be amazed and always hungry.