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fresh white truffles for saleIn our collection of white truffles, we have the following types of truffles: Tuber Borchii and Tuber Magnatum Pico. At Bultruffe, we have the best truffle mushrooms with a delicious and unique truffle taste that we are proud of.

Tuber Borchii Truffle:

  • Nickname: Bianchetto truffle
  • Colour: Pale cream to light brown
  • Size: Small to medium-sized
  • Season: Winter to early spring
  • Habitat: Often found near pine trees
  • Aroma: Mild garlic and hazelnut aroma
  • Flavor: Delicate and nutty taste
  • Culinary Use: Ideal for enhancing the flavour of dishes without overpowering them
  • Popular Pairings: Pasta, risotto, eggs, and mild cheeses


Tuber Magnatum Pico Truffle:

  • Nickname: White truffle
  • Colour: Pale cream to light brown with white marbling
  • Size: Small to large, irregular shape
  • Season: Late autumn-winter
  • Habitat: Typically grows in proximity to specific tree species, like oak and hazelnut
  • Aroma: Intensely aromatic, strong garlic fragrance
  • Flavour: Complex, earthy, and rich taste
  • Culinary Use: Best enjoyed shaved or grated over dishes just before serving
  • Popular Pairings: Pasta, risotto, eggs, and dishes with butter or cream


Why choose us?

  • Extraordinary Truffles: Our white truffles are one of the best.
  • Unique Flavor: They have an exceptional taste.
  • Hand-Picked Goodness: Our experts pick each truffle by hand, ensuring they are just right to guarantee the best quality for your table.
  • Passion for Perfect Truffles: We put a lot of love into making more special truffles for your cooking adventures.


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