Tuber Magnatum pico B-class

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Treat yourself to the finest truffle experience!

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What is the size? – The size  is within 10-20gr, whole truffles with minimum scratches.

What is the shelf life? – The shelf life of the white winter truffle is short. We recommend using the product within 3-5 days.

What is the taste of the Alba truffle? – The taste of the Alba truffles is very intense with a garlicky aroma.

Which truffle is similar? – His distant cousin, the Bianchetto truffle, has the most similar aroma.

How to wash it? – Washing the truffle is very easy. Just soak it for 5-10 min in cool water. Under the sink, gently brush it with a soft brush until the ground is gone, absorb it in a towel, and you are ready to slice it on a grater.

How to cook it? – This truffle is best for decoration over prepared meals such as pasta, risotto, or meat. It’s even better to be accompanied with white truffle oil for a more intense flavor.

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