Tuber Borchii A-class

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Enjoy the fantastic Spring truffle – Tuber Borchii!

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What is the size? – The size of the Tuber Borchii A-class is 8gr+ whole truffles with minimum scratches.

What is the shelf life? – The Borchii has a long shelf life. But to experience the most robust aroma of the truffle, we recommend using the product within 5-7 days from the purchase. You must store the truffles at around 2-4 degrees.

What is the taste of the Tuber Borchii? – The taste of the Tuber Borchii is robust, garlicky, earthy, or even cheesy.

Which truffle is similar to the Tuber Borchii? – The most similar truffle is the Tuber Magnatum pico, with its garlicky and earthy aroma. Because of the small quantity of the Tuber Magnatum, Tuber Borchii is also very valued.

How to wash the Tuber Borchii? – Washing the truffle is very easy. First, soak it for 5-10 min in cool water. Then, under the sink, gently brush it with a soft brush until the ground is gone. Absorb it in a towel, and you are ready to slice it on a grater.

How to cook Tuber Borchii? – Tuber Borchii is very easy to cook. It is very gentle, and it’s perfect for pasta. You can easily slice it on the top of any pasta and enjoy the fantastic aroma. For a more robust flavor, add Extra virgin olive oil with white truffle or Salsa tartufata with white truffle.

An easy recipe with Tuber Borchii A-class:

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